Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hi everyone, this time I want to talk about Mitsubishi.

Everyone knows, Mitsubishi is a very famous brand name in the world.

Last Saturday, 3rd January 2014, mereka iaitu Mitsubishi telah mengorganize satu event yang dinamakan "Blogger Event - Mitsubishi Electric" Bertempat di Mitsubishi electric office in Petaling Jaya, tujuan event ini diadakan adalah untuk introduce 4 new products and what makes all of them unique, that 4 products is - 

  1. Aircond, 
  2. Jet towel, 
  3. Fan, 
  4. Fridge


Aircond is easy to clean with only 3 steps. You can clean it by yourself without hiring an aircond maintenance companyBy regularly cleaning your aircond, this will lead to a lower cost in electric bill, 5 star cap rating - energy efficiency (the more star, the less energy used). Nano platinum filter - gives a better dust collection performance than conventional filters. 5 step vane control & swing - lets you control airflow directions to make sure that airflow reaches every corner of the room

JET TOWEL(hand dryer)

Hygienic, comfortable drying action. Only takes 10 seconds to dry your hand. Spacious hand-drying zone. hygienic touch free operation enables drying hands up as far as the wrists without touching the unit


3 years motor warrantyPremium safety standard. Enhance product safety through the use of non self-flammable materials & concealed motor, which prevents undesirable material from entering the motor &minimises the possibility of accidents. Double fuse protection. Fuse stops the fan from operating when the current is exceeded, while the thermal fuse cuts off the electricity when the motor overheats.


5 star cap rating - energy efficiency (the more star, the less energy used)Energy efficiency. Eco mode - Automatically lowers the energy consumption level during non-peak hours. Big capacity (width of 950mm).  Humidity control - Ideal for vegetables and fruits to stay crisper and fresher for longer. Vitamin Factory - Triple-coloured LED light which helps to increase vitamins 1.5 times acts as ‘miniature sun’to help promote longer-lasting freshness, sustain nutrient and increase vitamins in vegetables. 


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